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Sens Kanubia Yaki Perm 18,18/20,20/22,22

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MULTIPACKS WITH A LATIN AMERICAN VIBE New to the Kanubia Easy range, Easy 7 is a clever... mehr
New to the Kanubia Easy range, Easy 7 is a clever all-in-one multipack featuring four fantastic new styles. Made with 100% Futura Fibre, each pack features six bundles of multi-length hair and a free 2-way lace parting to create a complete look. Three styles boast unique curl patterns, together called The Latin American Collection, while the Yaki Perm style has been made with heat ready Natural Protein Hair for a super-slick, straight yaki perm look.
Recommendations: Please note that any pre-curled styles will begin to loosen with time.
Type of hair: 100% Futura Fibre/Natural Protein Hair
Type of product: Weave
Packs used for full head: All-in-one + free parting closure
Type of hair: Natural Protein Hair
•Made with 100% Futura Fibre in Bolivian, Colombian and Venezuelan styles
•Features Natural Protein Hair made with collagen protein in Yaki Perm
•All the styles are tongable up to 200ºC
•Features four fashionable styles
•Unique curl patterns
•Each pack includes six bundles of multi-length hair and a 2-way lace parting
•Complete one-pack style
•Colours include sombre for subtle ombre effect
•Deeper parting line for a natural finish
Style: Glattes Haar
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